Starting out

Young adults riding bikes who are starting out.

We can help and the services we supply to do this can be found here.

Set out below are examples of what you need to consider when managing your affairs.

Things to consider:

Protecting income in the event of accident or illness to be able to fund:

  • rent
  • Bills and Cost of Living
  • Lifestyle
  • Saving for home deposit and travel
  • Education
  • Financial independence
  • Debt repayments.

Starting an investment portfolio and or a savings plan to work towards:

  • purchasing first home/car
  • traveling overseas
  • education costs
  • building wealth over the long term.

SGA Financial Services can assist you with your Personal Insurances, Wealth Creation, Retirement Planning, Debt reduction, Savings and Centrelink. If you would like a complimentary consultation please contact the office on 03 9813 3369 to make an appointment.