Our Process

  • Gathering your Personal and Financial Information

    This process ensures that we accurately understand your current situation and that our recommendations are appropriate.

    After your initial consultation is scheduled with a S.G.A Financial Services Financial Planner we will provide a letter of confirmation, which will inform you of what information/documentation is required to bring to this appointment.

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  • Getting to Know You

    Not only is this a legal requirement to “know your client”, it is also critical to establish why you are seeking advice.

    At our initial consultation, we identify your goals, objectives and identify financial concerns or issues that may affect your financial situation.

    Once your initial goals have been identified, we invite you to complete a Client Questionnaire on your current situation.

    After the conclusion of your initial consultation, we will advise you on how we can assist you and the associated costs involved in preparing your Statement of Advice (Financial Plan).

    You will be provided with an Authority to Proceed to commence your plan.

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  • Plan Preparation

    S.G.A Financial Services Pty Ltd will research, analyse, formulate a strategy and prepare your Statement of Advice (Financial Plan).

    You will receive a comprehensive document confirming your current situation, goals, objectives, our recommended strategy and instructions on how to implement that strategy.

    Our Statement of Advice will include projections and modelling to highlight the expected outcomes of our recommendations.

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  • Plan Presentation

    The purpose of this meeting is to present your Statement of Advice (Financial Plan) which includes our recommendations, also to work with you to ensure you understand our recommendations and how they will assist you to achieve your goals and objectives.

    After presentation of the Statement of Advice, you can accept our recommendations and implement the plan or implementation can be completed at a later date after you have had the opportunity to review your plan in your own time.

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  • Implementation

    The implementation process of your Statement of Advice (Financial Plan) will be explained in detail.

    It will also include the completion of the appropriate applications and documentation.

    Our clients are updated throughout the implementation process.

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  • Ongoing Service and Review

    S.G.A Financial Services Pty Ltd provides an Ongoing Service Agreement designed to help you keep your financial plan on track.

    Your Service Package provides you with full access to the S.G.A Financial Services Pty Ltd team, Newsletters, Investment and Insurance reports.

    To monitor the progress of your strategy, ongoing reviews are essential and are scheduled on a regular basis.

    These reviews will incorporate any changes in your personal circumstances and updating of goals and objectives which may result in amendments to your plan.