Your Financial Journey

The following is a summary of different life stages and the services we supply along the way to help you attain your short and long term financial goals. Just follow the path.

At different stages in your life issues will arise that will impact on the attainment of these short and long term financial goals. The services we supply are designed to manage these changes and to ensure we keep you on the right track.

Young Independents - Starting Out

Young adults riding bikes who are starting out.

You are gaining financial independence and saving for the next best thing - either a car, an overseas adventure or for your first home. You have no dependents and your first priority is furthering your career to support your savings as well as a relatively expensive social and recreational lifestyle.

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Business Succession

Business stakeholders reading plans.

To ensure the ongoing success of your business you need to effectively plan for the future.

What would happen to your business if you suddenly lost a partner, director or other key person due to disability, trauma, death or even retirement?

By implementing an effective succession plan for your business, you can avoid some of the potential problems that can arise from the loss of key personnel. Problems, that in some cases, could lead to the failure of a business.

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Professionals - Developing a Career

3 professionals working and developing careers.

Living independently, you rely on your income to give you the control and security you want. You are Wealth accumulators, working towards saving for your future goals. You have disposable cash and you choose to spend it on personal needs, leisure and travel. Your health and appearance are important to you.

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Young Families

Young family with 4 family members.

You are busy with young children and trying to secure the dream of owning your own home outright. Many young families are trying to accumulate wealth through house renovations and/or investments but your main priority is providing for your family. Your mortgage repayments can restrict your otherwise healthy incomes.

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Mature Families

Mature family with 4 family members.

You are a family with teenage children. You are working towards owning your own home and accumulating investments. Your disposable cash is limited due to your children’s expenses, however you are experiencing more free time and enjoy spending money on cars and holidays. You are all too aware of maintaining good health.

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Pre Retirees and Retirees

Pre-retiree couple planning their retirement.

You may still be working and have paid off the majority of your mortgage. Accumulating wealth for your retirement through superannuation is your main priority. You also enjoy spending money on travel and other luxuries they couldn’t afford earlier. As well as this, you may provide a moderate level of financial support to your children. Your health and insurance is of great importance to you as, with age, the likelihood of illness increases.

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Aged Care

Elderly aged couple together in aged care / retirement village.

Considering your aged care options as part of your plan for retirement. It may seem too early to think about a future you can’t imagine, but the reality is, and experience has shown, that it’s probably too late to consider aged care when the need for it has actually arrived.

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